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Weight Management & Support

We provide personalized diet plans and supplement support to manage weight and reduce chronic disease risks. Our team offers expert guidance and monitoring for your health goals. Nutrition and diet are critical for healthy weight management. We tailor our plans to your lifestyle and preferences.

Do you struggle with these challenges


Our personalized diet plan service provides customized plans for individuals who are over weight or underweight. Our approach involves ensuring adequate nutrient intake to support overall health, while taking into account any underlying health conditions that may affect dietary needs. We offer expert guidance and support to promote healthy lifestyle choices and incorporate physical activity. Our plans focus on nutrient-dense diets that optimize weight loss or weight gain while promoting overall health. We may provide supplement support where necessary. We believe proper nutrition is critical for healthy weight management and overall health.

Before Week 1
  • Day Minus 10: We'll send you a questionnaire to fill out and recommended blood tests to be done within 3 days.

  • Day Minus 7: You'll need to send us the filled out questionnaire and blood test reports.

  • Day Minus 6: You'll need to book a slot in Google Appointments for next day’s video consultation.

  • Day Minus 5: Video consultation with the doctor where we'll discuss your weight, food preferences, cooking possibilities, time, and dietary restrictions.

  • Day Minus 2: We'll provide you with a personalised meal plan for day1 to day 7 based on your preferences and dietary needs, consisting of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two optional snacks


If you'd like to reach out to us, please click here.

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