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Medical Weight Loss

Semaglutide, a GLP-1 receptor agonist, mimics the action of the incretin hormone. It stimulates insulin release and inhibits glucagon secretion, lowering blood sugar levels. Additionally, it slows gastric emptying, promoting satiety and reducing appetite. This multifaceted approach helps control blood glucose and aids in weight management for individuals with type 2 diabetes.


Why Ozempic? 


 Proven to lower A1C.


 Proven to lower the risk of major cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attack or death in adults.


Helps lose considerable amount of weight.

About Semaglutide


In our personalized home therapy sessions for semaglutide administration, we prioritize the safety and comfort of our clients above all else. Our team meticulously coordinates each visit, ensuring that the environment is conducive to a smooth and stress-free experience. We provide thorough instructions on self-care practices and monitor vital signs closely throughout the therapy session. Our goal is to empower clients and their caregivers with the knowledge and tools necessary to manage the treatment effectively in the comfort of their own home. Additionally, we maintain stringent hygiene standards and adhere strictly to medical protocols to guarantee the highest level of safety and efficacy. With our dedicated support, clients can confidently undergo semaglutide therapy at home while receiving the personalized attention they deserve.

Our 30-day comprehensive weight loss program includes:

A preliminary video consultation with Dr. Anjali.

A list of Blood tests. One set before you begin the program and the other set after you finish*(tests to be done by the patron).

Once a week subcutaneous injection of semaglutide administered by an expert medical care provider.

Daily weight check-ins

Bi-Weekly infusions of essential micronutrients, Vitamins to avoid any nutritional deficiencies

Lifestyle and Nutritional Plans by our expert medical team

"Elon Musk, a tech mogul, credits Semaglutide (Ozempic/ Wegovy) for his 30lb weight loss." 

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